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January 15th, 2017

2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop for Writers (hard to believe it’s been that long!). We’re thrilled to be still at it after all of these years, but we also know there’s a huge list of unmet needs. Here’s some of the questions we are typically asked:

Why aren’t there more workshops throughout the year?

Why can’t you take more students?

I took the workshop once. Can I come back to learn more about X?

The answer to all of those questions is we’d love to but we can’t because time, money, and logistics.

So we decided to do something about it in 2017. We’re still going to have a workshop (more on that to be announced soon), but we’re also going to create an online course! Obviously, such an online course is a large undertaking, so before we dive in we want to know what you would benefit the most from as a writer.

That’s why we created a public board in Trello. In this board, we outline all of the topics we typically discuss in the workshops. We’d like to ask you to take a look at these topics, vote and comment to let us know which ones would bring the most value to you. Be sure to check out our read this first card in Trello. It outlines what we’re trying to do and what we’d like to ask you to do.

Also please feel free to comment and let us know why you’d like to see the card’s topic included in the course. That will help us to understand the problems you’re trying to solve.

Thanks, and happy voting!

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Press Release: The Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop for Writers Announces Sponsorship by Uwingu

June 11th, 2013

10 June 2013 (Laramie, Wyoming)—For Immediate Release

The Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop for Writers (at the University of Wyoming is pleased to announce today that it has received a grant from Uwingu (www.uwingu.com) that will help offset costs to participants in 2013.

Uwingu (which means “sky” in Swahili, and is pronounced “oo-wing-oo”) is and organization led by a team of leading astronomers, planetary scientists, former space program executives, and educators. They employ novel techniques, such as exoplanet naming and adoption, to raise funds for qualified activities.

“Uwingu’s goals are to fund space research and education projects, and to help the public better connect to the sky and space,” said Uwingu CEO, Dr. Alan Stern. “This new grant fulfills all those objectives, and we’re excited to provide our support.”

Established in 2007, the annual one-week Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop has taught the basics of astronomy and the communication of scientific concepts to approximately 100 writers, editors, video game makers, reporters, directors, and others with an audience. The goal of the workshop is to educate creators who reach the public and empower them to include more astronomy in their work and to get it right. Astronomy in popular media has the power to educate as well as inspire.

Launch Pad founder Dr. Michael Brotherton added “We are very grateful to Uwingu for their assistance. With the reduction of Education and Public Outreach funding, this year we were unable to obtain funding from NASA or the National Science Foundation as we have in the past. Uwingu’s timely assistance enabled us to offset some of the expenses to our students and help make this year’s workshop a reality”.

This year’s Launch Pad workshop will be held at the University of Wyoming from July 14-21, 2013. Fifteen professional writers will attend. The workshop’s webpage is www.launchpadworkshop.org.

For more information, contact Dr. Mike Brotherton at mbrother@uwyo.edu, or at 307-399-9524.

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Launch Pad 2010 now open for applications as of March 1

November 29th, 2009

Please be encouraged to spread the word! We’ll be open until March 31 and should contact applicants shortly thereafter.

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